Front Steps resident, Will Johnson, said the biggest things he has learned while residing at Front Steps is patience and perseverance. 

He believes these are life lessons that are helping him achieve his goals now and for the rest of his life. Will was born in Cleveland, grew up in a suburb of Columbus and returned to Cleveland years later. After struggling to maintain stable housing, Will found himself at 2100 Lakeside Emergency Men’s Shelter in downtown Cleveland. From there he was referred to the Y Haven program, where upon graduation, he was placed at Front Steps Housing and Services in February of 2014.

In the past Will had struggled with a career path, changing majors three times while attending college. It was with encouragement from his mother, who said he needed to use his artistic talent before he lost it, that he decided to go to Cosmetology School. Will had always done hair, makeup and nails as a hobby, but decided to turn his passion into a career. After attending Cosmetology School full-time from January-December of 2014, Will passed his Cosmetology test with flying colors on March 17, 2015. Will is now working full-time at The Hair Extensions! in Euclid and is excited to continue fulfilling his passion. Eventually Will plans to open his own salon, but understands that this again will take a lot of patience and perseverance.

 Will credits Front Steps staff and fellow residents as the reason he is where he is today. Not only does Front Steps provide a roof over his head, but also offers many services, which Will took full advantage of including Health and Wellness, Group Fitness, Morning Reflection and Art Therapy. His favorite program has been Art Therapy, where he feels he can really let go and let his artistic energy out. Now that Will feels like he is in a good spot and has achieved many of his goals, he sees himself as a role model for his fellow residents. He is proud that his accomplishments act as an inspiration for others. Will is a perfect example of why Front Steps is important to our community. Will was given a chance and is paying it forward every day. We are extremely proud of him!